• A recognized expert on organizational strategy and corporate culture.

    “Every company has a culture, whether it’s intentional or it’s by default.” ~Marissa Levin.  Shared on the Tony Robbins Podcast and in Inc. Magazine.

  • Transformational & Trusted Leadership.

    “Marissa is an extraordinary Growth Strategist and has literally changed my life. She has set me on the right path to begin building the organization I had always envisioned.” – Amy Kirschenbauer, CEO, Smart Business Strategic Network.
  • Vision Fulfilled Through Smart Execution.

    “Marissa is a visionary with her feet planted firmly on the ground. She is my go-to adviser on every aspect of my business.” — Dr. Sarah Steinberg, CEO of Frogstone Strategies.
  • Authentic & Powerful Impact.

    “Authenticity is a powerful and attractive quality of leadership. Marissa Levin passionately delivers her clear and compelling message in a deliberate and authentic manner.” – Dianne “DD” Douglass, CEO, Capital Connections LLC
  • A Catalyst for Change.

    “Marissa is a catalyst and keeps me focused on the right goals, and she continually holds me accountable to the needs of my business, not just my clients and employees.” — Atieno Williams, Owner, DC Home Buzz
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Leadership Development

The first pillar of business growth is leadership development. 

A landmark study commissioned by Right Management Consultants found a return-on-investment of dollars (ROI)  spent on executive coaching of nearly 600%.  According to Manchester Consulting Group, organizational benefits from leadership development activities include:

  • Improved relationships (77%)
  • Improved teamwork (67%)
  • Improved job satisfaction (61%)
  • Improved productivity (53%)

Successful Culture works closely with its clients to create measurable custom development plans that address:

  • Leadership mindsets
  • Leadership skill sets
  • Communications strategies
  • Leadership resources and tools to deploy in the company
  • Creation of leadership communities to provide access to mentors, advisers, and other CEOs through creation of advisory board and CEO roundtables

The best leaders know they must invest in themselves to reach their potential.

Are you ready to invest in your leadership development?

Organizational Culture

The second pillar of business growth is organizational culture.

Every organization has a culture, whether it's intentional or by default.

When you think of your culture, what comes to mind? Transparency? Integrity? Honesty? Trust? Innovation? Collaboration? What are you doing every day to cultivate the culture you envision?

Equally important, how do your employees think of your culture?

100% of Successful Culture culture engagements have shown a disconnect between the CEO's cultural perception and the employees' perception.

The discrepancies in this perception can widen into irreparable problems that result in decreased morale & engagement, increased employee attrition, lost productivity, lost customer relationships, and lower revenues & profitability.

Great leaders are committed to intentionally building excellent cultures, and investigating & repairing cultural breakdowns which is essential to building the best companies possible.

Are you ready to build your best culture?

Strategy Development

The third pillar of business growth is strategy.

The strategy reflects the organization's vision, mission, and values, and supports the organization's culture.

Successful Culture creates and validates the values, mission, and vision of every client. These foundational elements should ideally drive every decision a company makes.

However, visions, values, goals, and strategies are useless without execution. Successful Culture's engagements run deep to ensure great strategies don't dissolve into pipe dreams. We have to get uncomfortable, ask hard questions, and push the envelope to uncover the root causes of stalled growth.

We force our clients to examine what's not working, to identify the weakest links, and to commit to deadlines for hard decisions. Candid conversations, decisive action, and high accountability enable our clients to push through obstacles that are holding them back from their greatest potential.

Are you ready to build a high-growth strategy, and commit to high accountability to execute it? 

Today's Requirements for Tomorrow's Great Leaders

Leaders Who Seek Self-Awareness, Measurable Impact, & High Accountability Are Encouraged to Apply

Great Leadership Starts from Within

According to Sherpa Coaching's 9th Annual Executive Coaching Survey of leaders & coaches from around the world, the single most important developmental requirement for leaders today is strengthening self-awareness.

Self-Awareness Theory says, "when we focus our attention on ourselves, we see our behavior in light of our standards & values. When we see a difference between our behavior and our standards, we change our behavior.

Self-awareness leads to self-control." This may sound "soft," but it's actually essential to business success.

The more aware a leader is of his/her own behaviors, drivers, triggers, strengths, weaknesses, & interactions, the more success they will have in achieving their goals.

We can not lead others effectively if we can not master self-leadership.

A Requirements Shift from Reactive Problem Solving to Strategic Problem Mitigation

Traditionally, coaching has been used to:

  1. solve specific behavioral problems,
  2. assist in transition, and
  3. develop "up and coming" leaders.

However, the trend has shifted from addressing behavioral problems to leadership development.

Addressing a single problem in an isolated, reactive state is like applying a band-aid on a hemorrhage.

Executive coaching is most effective when it takes a 360-degree view of the entire organization, and is strategic rather than reactive.

Recently, the Sherpa survey validated this behavioral belief. It showed that there is another significant upward move in the proactive use of coaching and a decline in the reactive use of coaching to fix & solve isolated problems.

This is not surprising, since organizations are growing more & more complex, and because more people are being thrust into leadership roles through entrepreneurship than ever before.

Successful Culture Defines its Success by the Personal & Professional Growth of its Clients.

We Equip You with Everything You Need to Reach Your Greatest Potential.

Successful Culture exists to propel you forward. Applying more than 20 years of entrepreneurial leadership, deep expertise in organizational culture & organizational development, and proven methodologies, we structure all engagements around a comprehensive pre-assessment that creates a roadmap between the client's current state and desired state.

All clients are educated and required to:

  • Create their organization's most important foundational elements which are the basis for a viable strategy
  • Develop mindsets of achievement to overcome fears of failure and feelings of self-doubt
  • Cultivate a strong sense of self-awareness which is essential for connecting with others
  • Find their voices necessary to speak up against what is not working
  • Own their outcomes so that they can realize their vision and live their legacy
  • Create measurable goals with clearly defined paths to achievement that move them from current state to desired state

With Successful Culture, stalled growth is never an option.

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What my clients are saying

Marissa is an extraordinary Growth Strategist and has literally changed my life. She is very collaborative and supportive; however, she asks you the tough questions that any business owner needs to think through in order to establish a strong foundation for a company. What I really appreciate about Marissa is that she makes you take ownership of your vision and the actions you need to take to achieve specific goals and objectives to make your business successful. Through friendship, teamwork, and hard work, Marissa helped set me on the right path to begin building the organization I had always envisioned. I look forward to learning more from her through our adventures together.

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